Foam Side Block Inserts
Foam Side Block Inserts
Foam Side Block Inserts

Foam Side Block Inserts

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These foam block inserts are designed to be cut to size and sealed into the gap between the garage door track and the front wall of the garage, creating a watertight seal at either side of the opening. The foam blocks can also be used to create side walls in situations where a threshold seal is to be fitted further back from the door.

Constructed of a high density rigid closed cell foam, these blocks are easy to install and offer fantastic protection against water and dust entering the garage around the sides of a floor seal. 

Some garage doors will have tracks that are flush against the front wall and these blocks will not be needed. Instead simply apply a bead of sealant between the track and the wall. If your tracks are set back from the wall, these blocks can be cut to the appropriate size and sealed in place with sealant.

  • Dimensions: 70 x 70 x 25mm
  • Supplied in pairs
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Foam Side Block Inserts
Foam Side Block Inserts
Foam Side Block Inserts

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